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If God is so good, why did He let Yahya, our only son, born deaf?

Find the answer in the eBook "God Is Not Deaf" was written by six people who are deaf son's family, including himself.

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Synopsis of "God Is Not Deaf" eBook

We believe that God is good and - He loves us. But if God is so good, why did He let Yahya, our only son, born deaf? Initially, we felt as if we saw a dark future and problems blocking our way. So, we did try to overcome the challenge by our own strength and might through all the medical knowledge that we had.

Yet it was useless. Until eventually we realized that our only help comes from the Lord who created heaven and earth. Yes, any time that gigantic problem came our way, we could only pray to Him. And there it was, We got the proof that... God is not deaf!

The Short Life Testimony Video by Yahya A. Tioso

Let's hear the story how Yahya did find the answer why God let this happened in his life.

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About The Writers

Stephanus Junianto and Ratna Pudyastuti married on January 29th, 1983. They were blessed with three children; Grace Suryani, Elisabet Listiyani, and Yahya Adisaputro Tioso, who is deaf. Now, all three children are married. Grace and Steven with their two children are living in Singapore. Lisa and Ramon with their two children are living in Jakarta. While Yahya and Monika lives in Sydney, Australia.

We will use the profit from this eBook to make more Indonesian edition printed book which will be given to deaf communities and other comunities. We pray that this book "God Is Not Deaf" will bring more people to meet God just like we experienced it at first hand.

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